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Inventory Management & Warehousing Services


Warehousing and storage facilities can be a costly undertaking for companies of any size. Overhead such as department personnel, inventory tracking software, insurance against loss or damage, on-going maintenance and  building utilities can be exorbitant and time consuming. Outsourcing warehousing space eliminates the cost of leasing and operating a facility. Summit offers a safe, secure and environmentally controlled storage space that is both cost effective and hassle-free.


Additionally, Summit provides an effective solution for managing multi-location inventory sites, including hospital consignments and trunk stock locations. This is extremely beneficial for companies conducting multi-site clinical trials, as we are accustomed to maintaining and monitoring off-site inventory locations and can ensure product traceability. Missing inventory can result in substantial financial loss and severely impact the profitability of any company that doesn’t properly monitor its consignments and sales representative inventories.

Inventory Management and Warehouse Services:


  • Secure cGMP / ISO certified warehouse facility
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Serialized and lot number traceability
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Loaner sets and consignments –  decontamination, restocking and tracking
  • Raw materials and finished goods
  • Reconciliations
  • Inventory reports



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