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Summit helps companies achieve excellence through a range of outsourcing services including warehousing, logistics, customer service, sales rep field support, accounting services and quality systems. Summit’s core business capabilities - our leadership, our expertise and our dedication to quality and customer service allow us to offer and implement innovative and strategic solutions. We help your organization cut costs and we create a real sustained value by streamlining your processes and ensuring regulatory compliance which can improve your company’s competitive market position.



Assume for a moment that you are the CEO of an up-and-coming medical device startup firm and that you have just spent the past 24 months developing and refining your new product line. You have done everything possible to protect your intellectual property and now find your company either facing the complex task of completing a clinical trial or preparing to deliver your products to market. Up until now, your staff has consisted of a few key executives who have been instrumental in raising money and defining the business strategy, along with a couple of regulatory and quality assurance specialists and engineers. Your goal now is to beat your competitors to the market. But how will you achieve this, and how will you make the best use of your resources? What factors of your business are key to establishing your company as a leader in the market, and what will sideline you and detract from your progress?


In the highly competitive medical device field, your success will, in part, be contingent on making the best decisions and focusing on the things that will help you produce better products, generate revenue, establish distribution and reach new customers. The other day-to-day business functions, although extremely important because of the impact they will have on your overall success, are better left to specialized outsource providers. Summit is the right company with the experience you can depend upon to provide the services your start-up needs at the right price.


Established Firms

 Even well-established medical device manufactures face an array of challenges in today’s market. Without adequate controls, companies risk losing millions of dollars through inefficient use of inventory resources and write-offs for mishandled products and losses in the field.  Summit offers a wide range of services developed to effectively control the inventory management of loaner kits, consignments and trunk stock locations. In addition Summit can maximize a company’s efficiencies by executing other specialized projects that include but are not limited to kitting, labeling, bundling and support of marketing campaigns. Outsourcing non-critical functions is a cost effective and cost saving solution that allows established companies to remain focused on driving sales and maximizing profits.



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