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Medical Device & Life Science Industries


Medical Device and Life Science Industries

The medical device market is a complex and highly competitive landscape. Rapid growth, short product lifecycles and an arduous regulatory environment can make navigating the industry a challenge. Summit understands the convoluted nature and demands of the medical device industry and has been successfully servicing companies across a wide range of medical technology for over a decade.  We have developed superior operations and are experts at helping companies create cost saving solutions. Some of the specialties we serve include:












Non-Medical Markets

Summit cut its teeth and became proficient in highly regulated and complex industries which also prepared us to efficiently and effectively serve companies with less complex product lines. Over the last 13 years we have administered the same proven cost saving solutions to markets beyond the life science and medical device sectors. Summit’s services have been utilized within the Sports Industry, Outdoor Industry and Consumer Products Industry. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Summit can help drive results for companies across all industries and markets.



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