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What is a 3PL?

A 3PL is a third-party logistics provider that supplies outsourced logistics operations to other companies. Logistics is the management of product flow between an origin and designated destinations and can include elements of warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, shipping and receiving, rate negotiations and reporting.


What are the benefits of using a 3PL?

The medical device market is extremely competitive and the costs of running in-house operations can be obscenely expensive and challenging especially for start-ups. Outsourcing frees companies from the obligation and overhead of hiring, training and managing staff. It eliminates the cost of leasing and operating warehouse facilities, of managing inventory, and of having to develop operating systems. 3PL’s are able to spread costs of their staff, facility and systems over a number of clients, thereby reducing individual per-client costs. The end result produces a significant financial and time savings for those who utilize 3PL’s.  Added benefits include higher quality customer service and dependability, greater scalability and access to logistical technology that clients might not otherwise be able to afford.


Do you offer services in addition to logistics and distribution?

Absolutely. Summit offers proven cost saving solutions for customer service, sales rep field support, accounting services and quality systems. Please click on the links below to learn more about how we can help you better manage your integral day to day operations.



What information needs to be provided in order to receive a quote?

The medical device industry is complex and product offerings can be vast. Because every business is unique, Summit offers an extensive selection of customizable business solutions that can be tailored to address your specific needs. The more information you can provide about your products and goals the more accurate your quote will be. Some of the information we will be looking for is:


  • A general description of the services you will need and what your goals in outsourcing are
  • A description of your product that includes pricing, sizes, weights, special handling and storage requirements
  • How much inventory you plan to maintain (in house and in the field – multi location inventory)
  • Forecasts for sales and ramp-up


How are rates determined?

We work closely with you to design cost-effective programs based on the services you choose, your forecasted sales volume, storage requirements and the number of staff needed to provide services.


Does Summit ship Internationally?

Absolutely.  We have the capabilities and experience to ship products internationally and do so on a regular basis to over 50 countries.


Does Summit work with start-ups?

Summit has a passion for helping start-ups and small companies reach their fullest potential. We provide insight, wisdom, expertise and cost saving solutions in all areas of business operations to help clients gain the competitive advantage needed to navigate the complex medical device market.


Can Summit assist International companies?

Yes. Summit is experienced in helping international firms expand into the U.S. market. Please click on the link below to learn more about how Summit can help you launch quickly and reach your goals in the United States.



Does Summit supply kitting and assembly services?

Yes. We can provide a number of services such as kitting, assembly, labeling, bundling and many other special packing needs you may require.


Can you perform testing and product inspections?

Yes. Summit has extensive experience with testing and inspecting many complex medical device products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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