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Life Science and Mecial Device Customer Service Offerings

Customer Service

“Exceedingly pleased with service and value. Exceptional team delivering exceptional service.” -Will Rutan, Mederi Therapeutics

Excellent customer service is the life blood of every successful business regardless of the organization’s size. In competitive markets such as the life science and medical device industries a high level of customer service can be critical in differentiating your company from the rest of the marketplace.  Building an effective internal support operation can be expensive and challenging for companies in these complex markets. By outsourcing the day to day business operations of customer service, companies are able to save costs on staff, building space and software programs that require licensing and customizations. Precious time can be saved on setting up standard operating procedures as well as hiring, training and managing service personnel.


Summit’s professional and experienced call center team offers seamless representation, live support that is dedicated to your customer base and the assurance that your customers are receiving a superior level of service and support. Summit has a proven track record and sets the industry benchmark for outsourced service operations.


           Summit’s Customer Service Offerings:


  • Professional Live Agents (Standard - 8am to 7pm EST)
  • Product support and information
  • 24/7 Emergency paging available
  • Quotes and order entry
  • Manage customer feedback
  • Processing credits and returns
  • Customer support


Sales teams are critical in delivering key revenue for their companies.  In addition to Customer Service operations, Summit offers a myriad of field support such as supplying marketing material, assistance with PO collections, generating quotes, commission and sales reporting, inventory management of hospital consignments and trunk stock locations, and availability of live phone support.  We provide fundamental backing and support to your sales team so they can remain focused and effective.


           Field Support:


  • Develop Sales/Distribution Networks
  • Distribution of Promotional Material
  • PO Collections/Preparation of Quotes/Sales Orders
  • Monthly Commission Calculations & Sales Reports
  • Field Inventory Reconciliations



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